Hepatitis C is far more common than most people think. It affects people from all walks of life and can be a silent killer that damages your liver, most often with no noticeable symptoms. Hep2012.com aims to spread the word about hepatitis C disease management and coinfection risks to help people across the globe prevent and/or avoid further liver damage.

We understand the biggest problem of this viral infection is not the large number of infected people; the main concern is that majority of them don’t know that they have it. In simpler terms, those infected with hepatitis C virus infection don’t realize that they carry a potentially fatal virus that can harm others.

Without diagnosis, patients will not know that they can put others at harm as well. This may also mean decreased quality of life and huge medical bills in the long run. Hep2012.com’s main goal is to explain the importance of diagnosis, early treatment, and coinfection risks.

Initiative towards Health Safety

We support the initiative of other health and medical associations to raise the profile of viral hepatitis. We understand how hepatitis C can be life threatening if left untreated. Apart from providing facts about hep C, we also aim to help affected individuals get to know more about management for this viral disease.

Hep2012.com conducts meetings, sessions, and panel discussions with medical practitioners and infectious health experts. We want to help people learn more about the risk factors, symptoms, treatment options, and new developments about the disease. We also focus on proper disease management to help patients live a more fulfilling life both physically and emotionally.

Co-Infection and Health Management

We understand that coinfection is another leading concern about hepatitis C. If you have hep C and other infections like HIV, you will be at greater risk of long-term illness. Some studies suggest that hepatitis C can be a more serious illness, as it can lead to rapid progression of HIV. Hep2012.com aims to help you be more aware about coinfection and hep C disease management.

Learning more about hepatitis C will help you better cope with your symptoms and illness. It will also enable you to make lifestyle choices to reduce the impact of the disease on your quality of life. We collaborate with infectious diseases experts and other healthcare professionals to give talks and sessions about this serious chronic disease.

The information on our website provides disease management facts, as well as schedules for helpful panel discussions and medical talks. Join the fight to prevent hepatitis C.